Tax Information for Donations

If you are a taxpayer who itemizes deductions on federal tax returns (uses the long form), you are entitled to claim a charitable deduction for all financial and material donations to Goodwill Industries, but according to the Pension Protection Act of 2006, you may claim a deduction only for items that are in good or better condition.

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service requires donors to value their items and says you may deduct the fair market value of each item. To help guide you, Goodwill provides you with price ranges for items sold in our stores. Prices are only estimated values and assume that the items are in good condition. New and/or high quality specialty items may garner higher values.

Quick tip: It's easier to assess the value of your donations as you clear out your clutter and clean your closets. Each time you donate, visit this list and record what you think your donations are worth. By following this tip you should feel less stress at tax time and have a complete record of what you have donated to Goodwill.
Suggested Value List:
Ladies Clothing
Accessories $2-$8
Bathing Suits $1-$5
Blouses $2-$8
Dresses $3-$16
Formal Wear $8-$50
Fur Coats $125-$300
Handbags $2-$4
Intimate Apparel $2-$10
Outerwear $7-$35
Shoes $2-$10
Skirts $2-$8
Suits $5-$15
Sweaters $2-$8
Slacks $2-$8
Floor Lamps $5-$30
Radios $5-$20
Sewing Machine $15-$50
Stereo Systems $25-$100
Table Lamps $2-$20
Televisions $60-$170
Vacuum Cleaners $20-$40
Books $0.50-$2
Toys $0.25-$3.25
Men's Clothing
Accessories $2-$10
Jackets $6-$20
Outerwear $7-$16
Shirts $2-$6
Shoes $2-$10
Slacks $3-$11
Sweaters $2-$8
Suits $15-$40
Trunks (Bathing Suits) $3-$6
Cookware $2-$10
Dishes $1-$15
Luggage $5-$15
Pictures $2-$10
Pots / Pans $1-$15
Tabletops $1-$10
Blankets $2-$6
Comforters $3-$10
Drapes $2-$15
Pillow Cases $0.50-$1
Sheets $1-$3
Children's Clothing
Dresses $1-$3
Infant Clothing $0.50-$2
Outerwear $3-$8
Pants $1-$5
Shirts $1-$5
Shoes $1-$6
Sweaters $1-$5
Bookcase $10-$60
Carriage / Stroller $5-$35
Chests $20-$60
China Cabinet $40-$150
Coffee Tables $10-$25
Complete Bedroom Suite $65-$325
Complete Dining Room Suite $85-$425
Complete Kitchen Sets $75-$250
Desks $30-$90
Dressers with Mirrors $25-$60
End Tables $5-$20
Entertainment Center $30-$100
Recliners $30-$50
Sofas $75-$125
Trunks $15-$30
Wardrobes $15-$60



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