Success Stories

Altraveon Robinson -

Finding a job can be difficult. Finding a first job can be even more so. Altraveon was no exception and found the job market difficult to break into.

Carl Harris - We’ve all heard the phrase "desperate times call for desperate measures," and Carl Harris knows the truth of that statement. He found himself unemployed, frustrated from applying for so many jobs only to hear nothing, and living at the rescue mission.
Champagne -

A few years ago, Champagne would’ve labeled herself as directionless. Her plans for her future were minimal to say the least and didn’t have anyone to tell her where to start. The kicker is, once Champagne turned 18, she would lose any support she was getting from the foster care system and would be legally and officially on her own.

Coranika Williams: To Be Independent - There’s much that can be said about the value of independence. Being your own person, an individual and not having to rely on others for everything. Transitioning into independence is easier for some than others. Some are born independent, some achieve independence and some have independence thrust upon them.
Erica Bullard -

A month ago, Erica Bullard would have told you she was directionless. She was doing her best to look for a job on her own, but due to never having held a job before and not really knowing how to look or even what to put on an application, she wasn’t having any luck.

Then Erica came to Goodwill through the Youth Employment Services program. Though meeting with a Goodwill staff member and one-on-one training and discussions, Erica found out she would enjoy a housekeeping position. So that’s where they started looking. Fast forward a bit, and Erica is now successfully employed at the Fairfield Inn Marriott as a housekeeper.

Jacqueline Williams -

Jacqueline Williams age 49 never thought she would find herself without any job prospects and having to move back home. She faced the daunting task of looking for employment on her own and at times, she found the whole process to be demoralizing. That was when Jacqueline decided to contact the Goodwill Job Center in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Jaylon Thomas -

Jaylon Thomas came to Goodwill to get help finding a job.

He had faced many rejections, but hadn’t lost his focus or his drive to get a job.  With a supportive family behind him, he knew that his Dyscalculia, a learning disorder, and his ADHD were barriers he could very well overcome.  Goodwill helped him learn that he would excel in a position where he could be active and not restrained to one area or task.
Johnathan Girard -

Johnathan Girard needed a chance. He had been searching for a job on his own for a while, but wasn’t having any luck. To make money he would do chores around the house for his parents and walk dogs in his neighborhood, but he was still looking for more.

Joshua -

We, at Goodwill, believe that having a steady job can do wonders for a person. It helps give them self-confidence, is a source of income and helps bring a sense of purpose.

Joshua wanted a job. He wanted that sense of purpose and the income, but struggled with self-confidence. When he came to Goodwill, referred from Louisiana Rehabilitation Services because of a cognitive disability, Goodwill staff saw through his shy, quiet attitude to the determined young man who just wanted to work.

Karl Gillard -

Sometimes a single moment, a single decision, a single mistake can change the course of your life.

Karl overcame a criminal background to find success and hope for a better future.

LaShandra Farr -

LaShandra decided a long time ago that she wasn’t going to let her disability stop her from achieving her goals.

Markayla Williams -

There’s an age old question most kids are asked over and over, "What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Markayla decided to try working her first job to try and figure that out before choosing which path to follow in College.  Goodwill helped her find that first job.
Patricia Williams -

Finding a job can be difficult for everyone, rejection hurts and most of the time it feels like your sending resumes and applications down a big black hole.

That’s exactly how Patricia Williams said she felt after spending months searching for a job. She had recently gotten out of a stint of incarceration and her self-esteem was low. 

Rachel Wilson - When you meet Ms. Wilson, you will quickly notice her bright smile that is contagious.  She greets customers at her new job with that same welcoming smile, gracious charm, and perky personality.   Before coming to Goodwill, Rachel Wilson had been jobless for about 8 months, had been looking for work on her own with no luck and was depending on her father for money.When people meet Rachel Wilson, they immediately notice her bright and contagious smile. At her new job she greets the customers with that same welcoming smile, gracious charm and perky personality.
Randy Johnson: A Helping Hand - Randy has overcome much in his life, and Goodwill played a pivotal role in helping him find success.  Read his story here.
Tony and Stephanie Martinez - Twice the Success -        
Tony & Stephanie MartinezWhen Tony Martinez was referred to Goodwill Industries' GoodSupport Program by his child support caseworker, he and his wife, Stephanie, were unemployed and living apart.  Their lack of employment made it impossible to stay together so Stephanie moved in with family in Texas while Tony stayed in Shreveport.  Both were working odd jobs for cash, but neither had a steady job and they were unable to meet the financial demands of paying their child support. Click here to read more.                                   



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