Buy Local. Support Local Employment.

Did you know that every dollar you spend or donation you make to Goodwill Industries of North Louisiana, Inc. supports local jobs and employee development programs? Goodwill offers programs for:

Youth | Job placement | Contract services

Visit one of our locations today to make a donation or to shop for gently used items. Questions? Email our Shreveport location at today.

3 Reasons To Choose Goodwill

  1. Our stores and services help change lives right here in Northern Louisiana. When you donate or purchase products at one of our stores, you're directly impacting your community. All of the donations recieve stay in Louisiana, we employ Louisiana residents and use the money we make in our stores to teach Louisiana youth and adults how to keep a job.
  2. We're a nonprofit. The only people benefiting from the purchases and donations of Goodwill are our own customers, employees and program participants.
  3. We're a great place for recycling. If you're conscious of your environmental footprint, Goodwill is a great place for you. Our gently used items are available for purchase, meaning they aren't piled up in landfills.

Visit us or call today to learn more about Goodwill and our efforts to benefit our community.