Goodwill® Launches Rising Together

Goodwill® Launches Rising Together™ Coalition with Anthem Foundation, Coursera, Google, Indeed and Lyft to empower one million people to access sustainable careers by 2025

May 5, 2021

In the midst of the ‘shecession’ and immense job loss, corporate America and nonprofit joining forces to put people back to work.

Shreveport, LA – Goodwill, the leading workforce provider in North America, today announced a new, first-of-its-kind coalition called Rising Together™, which will work to create an equitable economic recovery and provide job seekers with the skills and supports needed to access sustainable jobs. Joining Goodwill with a goal of empowering one million people to access sustainable careers by 2025 are Fortune 50 companies and global philanthropic and business leaders, including the Anthem Foundation, Coursera, Google, Indeed and Lyft.

Together, Goodwill and its partners are providing resources to address the widening skills gap and the negative impact of the economic downturn brought on by the pandemic. The Rising Together™ coalition will provide a combination of holistic workforce services and supports, as well as build and expand upon programs that address the inequities and systemic barriers facing workers in our society the most. According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 2.3 million women have left the labor force, a phenomenon that is being called the ‘shecession,’ and many others remain out of work and without the skills needed to gain new employment. Nationwide, pandemic-related job loss has also had a disproportionate impact on Black and Hispanic men and women as well as those who do not have post-high school education.

These powerhouse brands are on the frontlines of America’s workforce, hiring thousands of new employees each year. The coalition will use its combined hiring strength to support the holistic needs of job seekers – from providing essential transportation and broadband access to offering training opportunities and job search skills.

Rising Together™ jump-starts a vision for a future where there is a pathway to opportunity that is accessible by all. Together with Goodwill:
Anthem Foundation will launch a healthcare career path training that will benefit thousands of individuals over the course of two years. The program will build healthcare employee pipelines while supporting healthcare workers affected by the pandemic. The training will ultimately lead to credentials, job placements, wage increases and benefits.

Coursera, through its social impact program, will provide 2,000 scholarships to those hard-hit by the economic turndown, including people who are impacted by the criminal justice system, veterans and youth learners. Scholarship recipients will have free access to 4,000 courses as well as hands-on projects and professional certificates that teach job-relevant skills across business, technology and data science.

Google will continue to support Goodwill in its efforts to deliver digital skills training across the United States through programs such as Google Career Certificates, which help job seekers prepare for in-demand jobs in less than six months without the need for a college degree or prior experience. Since 2017, more than 100 local Goodwill organizations have implemented the Goodwill Digital Career Accelerator® in their communities, equipping more than one million people with digital skills and placing more than 170,000 of those individuals into employment.

Indeed will help job seekers who are often overlooked or face challenges to finding work with skills-based assessments, job seeker support and employer hiring events. Indeed will work with Goodwill on a fellowship for women who have had to leave the workforce or were reduced to part-time work due to COVID-19 (either voluntarily or involuntarily). Goodwill’s collaboration with Indeed will also include the launch of the Indeed + Goodwill Digital Resource Guide, which will equip Goodwill organizations with best practices and recommendations on how to help people find jobs at Goodwill organizations and other employers.
Lyft will continue investing in its LyftUp Jobs Access program, which launched in 2019 with a coalition of partners including Goodwill, to provide individuals access to the transportation they need to get to interviews, job training and/or the first weeks of work. To date, the program has supported job seekers with access to tens of thousands of rides.

“As we celebrate Mother’s Day, millions of women, mothers and families across North America are struggling, even as the country works toward recovery,” said David Tinkis, President & CEO of Goodwill Industries of North Louisiana. “We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive in life, but, today, too many people are left out of that opportunity. We must ensure that people can equip themselves with the skills they need to compete for jobs in a changing economy. The Rising Together™ coalition is providing training and other critical services directly to the communities who need them the most.”

Goodwill is embedded in every community across North America, and more than 24 million people receive support from the nonprofit annually. These supports include both in-person and virtual career supports, including job training, mentoring, career fairs, classes and job placement; and access to other assistance, such as child care and transportation. The Goodwill brand has a nearly 120-year history and can provide what is needed in times of economic crises, recessions and moments of social distress. Goodwill Industries of North Louisiana has been providing those critical services for 95 years.
To view Goodwill and its partners’ commitments to an equitable recovery and to hear from the coalition’s executives, visit

“Providing in-demand skills and credentials in a field like healthcare will help people enter a career path that leads to economic stability,” said Felicia Norwood, executive vice president and president, government business division for Anthem, Inc. “This is a huge step in empowering families struggling with housing insecurity, lack of access to food and healthcare, and much more. The Anthem Foundation is proud to work with Goodwill and the Rising Together™ coalition to help lift people up and provide the opportunity to thrive.”

“Through the Jobs Access program and our work with Goodwill, we know that more than half of the program’s participants are women,” said Lisa Boyd, director of social impact at Lyft. “We also know that for women who are unemployed or underemployed, reliable transportation to a job interview, job training or the first few weeks of work can mean the difference between successful, long-term employment and lost opportunities, which is why continuing our partnership is critical to helping women get back to work.”

“Too many women and families are being left behind amid the pandemic, and without robust solutions, it will be difficult for them to catch up,” said Abbey Carlton, head of social impact at Indeed. “With Rising Together™, we are proud to offer access to key services such as job placement support, leadership training and development, and more to help empower people within their own communities to thrive.”

“A growing number of well-paying, entry-level jobs require digital skills that can be learned online,” said Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of Coursera. “Together with Goodwill, our scholarship initiative will provide communities hardest hit by the pandemic with free access to job-relevant learning that prepares them to enter high-demand fields.”

“Since 2017, has supported Goodwill with more than $15 million in grants to help advance their delivery of digital skills training to more than one million people across the United States,” said Hector Mujica, economic opportunity lead for “We are proud to continue to support Goodwill as they work to create greater access to high-growth, high-paying jobs in the digital economy through training programs, including the Google Career Certificates.”